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Overview of the Daewoo Front Load Washing Machine DWC-ELD1453 9Kg

Daewoo washer DWCELD 1453With so many features and options to save you time and money, the Daewoo Washer/Dryer DWC-ELD1453 is the best purchase you will make this year. This washer and dryer combo fit in half the space of a regular washer and dryer to make cramped apartment living a little easier. It’s not just good for apartment dwellers. The Daewoo washer/dryer is great for those who wish for a load-and-go approach. Gone are the days of waiting to switch the wash before heading out for the day; the washer does the work for you in its all-in-one design. On top of already being affordable, the washer/dryer will save you money on electricity and water because of its four-star energy rating and four-and-a-half-star water rating.

The Daewoo 9kg washing and drying machine is a stainless steel, silver and black washer with a simple to use control panel for setting both wash and dry cycles. You won’t want to hide this machine away in the laundry room with its sleek and modern style body. This dual washer and dryer offer a way to a save space and time.

Front loading- As opposed to a top loading washer, a front-loading washer uses about half the amount of water per load. Due to the design of the front-loading system, the drum is able to produce 1400 RPM and dry clothes much quicker than a top loading washer. Front loading washers are also gentler in an effort to preserve your favorite articles of clothing.
Wash Settings- The Daewoo Dwc-ELD1453 features 16 different washing programs to accommodate all washing needs.
Large capacity- Fit all of your clothes in one load with this large capacity washer and dryer. With a 9kg capacity washer and 7kg capacity dryer, your laundry will be done in fewer loads. Save time by letting the washer/dryer seamlessly go from wash to dry. Allow yourself more relaxation and spend less time worrying about keeping up with laundry.
Energy and Water Efficient- Energy and water bills will drastically decrease by using less water and doing fewer loads. The Daewoo Washer/Dryer DWC-ELD1453 is rated at four stars for energy efficiency and four and a half stars for water efficiency.
Quiet spin and wash- The washer are quiet during both wash and spin cycle. Don’t worry about loud clunky noises while trying to enjoy that much deserved ‘after-chores’ nap.

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