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Overview Of The Samsung 4K Smart QLED TV (Q7 & Q8)

Samsung 4K Smart QLED TV (Q7 & Q8)
Samsung QLED TV Series is the next-generation smart TV which uses Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode for its amazing visuals. Samsung today has revolutionized the video and image industry by introducing their latest invention in display technology, the QLED display. The QLEDs are much better than the regular LCD or LED display in every aspect and only uses less power than the latter.


Samsung QLED TV Series is available in two different screen types, the flat screen model and the curved screen model both of which are very classy and premium. Both the models have clean back, which means that the back side of the television is not ugly like the regular TVs and is not messy. The rear of the television is pretty much clean, even the power cable is in the exact place where it looks neat and organized. The Q8C model is the curved screen variant whereas the Q7F is the flat screen variant both of which are a pleasure for your eyes. The major advantage of the design of the device is that when the television is mounted on the wall neither Q8C nor Q7F lets you see any gap between the TV and the wall. The television gets complimented again with the Bezel-less Design as it does not have Bezel in any of the four sides and it makes you feel like you are watching the action on your wall. The body of the device is entirely made from premium metal which looks beautiful when it is placed in your home and it suits almost any of your room.


The innovation lies in the display of this television as it is made with the advanced technology available in the market, the Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode which is exclusively used in Samsung televisions only. The latest technology does not forget to please you with its stunning visuals and amazing video quality. The television is available in variable screen sizes so that you can choose the best size which suits your need and room. Also, a flat screen variant and a curved screen variant is available to choose from which might be tough to pick from as both of the matches others equally. Although the curved screen costs a bit higher it provides you with better features and a wider viewing angle. The screen has a resolution of 3,840 × 2,160 pixels which translates to a 4K UHD display which is the best available today to match your needs and the ultra-black display of the television lets you see the real colors more clearly. It does not matter if its day or night, the high contrast of the television lets you see pictures more clearly and vividly. The technology helps to absorb more light for reduced reflectivity thus helping you to see dark and light colors more deeply. Another major advantage of the device is its higher viewing angles which help you to see images on the screen without any difficulty even while you are standing at the edge of the screen.


The device not only excels in design and display it needs appreciation for its connectivity features too. Users can easily watch movies or play songs from a USB port which adds convenience to users and the HDMI ports let you watch 4K videos seamlessly. Samsung QLED TV lets you connect to the internet wirelessly through built-in Wireless LAN. The Samsung QLED TV and all the connected devices can be controlled via a single remote which itself is a specially designed equipment. All the functions and controls can be done through the remote and to users surprise Samsung have included voice control feature to their remote through which one can control the features of the TV via voice commands which truly is an innovation. Also, you can control your Smart TV through Samsung remote application.

Samsung QLED TV has a Quad core processor which lets users use applications and other features without any difficulties and the various connectivity features like the HDMI, USB, LAN, Bluetooth and Wireless LAN help you to connect with compactable devices with ease. Similarly, the Dolby Digital Plus audio feature enables users to get the best audio experience out of your smart TV.

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