Overview Of The Oppo F5

Oppo F5
Oppo, a Chinese smartphone and tablet manufacturer is getting success in the market very swiftly. It recently launched F5, a selfie-centric smartphone with brilliant features.
The Oppo F5 is elegant and has a sleek unibody design. It is lightweight which weighs only 152g even though it features a bigger 6-inch touchscreen display. It has 6.0-inch FHD display. Its vibrant color screen features 2160×1080 pixels which is visually immersive, whether you are viewing photo albums, watching videos or playing games. The F5 has a curved exterior which sticks to streamlined design philosophy. The OPPO F5 comes in three colors- Black, Gold, and Red.
The smartphone is based on Android 7.1 and ColorOS 3.2 which gives you top speed performance. It is powered by Octa-core MT6763T processor at 16nm processing speeds with 40 percent increased function performance. Oppo F5 is available in 4GB and 6GB RAM model which allows switching between apps with ease or watch your favorite TV shows. For communication and storage, the device has triple slot tray that supports two nano SIM cards and one micro-SD card. Also, it has expanded the memory of 256Gb for storing multimedia likes photos, music, and videos.
The company calls Oppo F5 as the selfie expert. It has a 20MP A.I. beauty front camera that captures human beauty in all its forms. AI Beauty ­Recognition technology can detect each individuals complexion, age, and gender, and refine the person’s face ­accordingly. With more than 200 positioning spots, the smartphone emphasizes your facial landmarks and outlines to enhance the symmetry between features like your eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jawline to create the perfectly refined and natural selfie. Its beauty-iris tool ensures that your eyes will shine brighter in any photo. The
F5 can differentiate between background light conditions to add luminance to your portraits. It also captures selfies with bokeh effect
that yields a pleasant out-of-focus backdrop with striking details and brighter tones. With its ultra-sensitive F2.0 aperture and 1/2.8” sensor in the front camera, the OPPO F5 caters to your snaps through all hours. These features allow gaining more information to produce better images with less noise in low light conditions. It also has a 16MP rear camera with its F1.8 aperture which also performs brilliantly for brighter and clearer shots in darker settings.
Speedy facial unlocks: Apart from fingerprint lock, a new function for unlocking the phone called facial unlock has been introduced. To unlock the phone you just show your face in front of the front camera, then the phone is immediately unlocked. This feature is really useful when your hands are wet. This friendly option is friendly and convenient.
O-Share: Sharing files is a tedious job. So Oppo has come up with O-share where you can transfer file between Oppo devices wirelessly without relying on Internet or Bluetooth technology. It has transmission speed up to 100 times faster than Bluetooth. This feature frees you up from networks and mobile data charges.
Split the views: Another feature of the smartphone is split screen so that you can enjoy apps or functions simultaneously. No more toggling between apps or functions.
Hold off gaming distractions: ColorOS 3.2 takes away a huge cause of gaming frustration. It lets you make the choice of whether to answer a call or continue with the game.
Easy on the eyes:  The Oppo F5 offers an eye protection mode for visual comfort. It gives you comfort to eyes while night-time gaming sessions. This Night Shield feature under ColorOS 3.2 filters out blue light to ease the strain on your eyes, giving you greater stamina while protecting your eyesight. You can choose between normal, warm as well as black and white tones to optimize your visual comfort.

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