Overview Of The Daewoo 400L Double Door Refrigerator FN-405SF

Daewoo 400L Double Door Refrigerator FN-405SF

If the family is a 4 membered one, the ideal refrigerator to get would be the Daewoo FN- 405SF. The sole reason is that it is the ideal size. It also is light on the pocket and has a commendable energy efficiency.

the Daewoo FN- 405SF is quite compact and sleek. It has separate doors for both the freezer and the fridge and this ensures that the cold air is not lost from one compartment when the other is opened. Also, it has a very aesthetically pleasing design and hence it makes the kitchen look more stylish.

The capacity of the Daewoo FN- 405SF is 400L. it has frost free freezer and fridge and hence there is no need to worry about the formation of ice crystals. It has a double door design.

The most commendable thing about the Daewoo FN- 405SF is that it uses a very small amount of electricity. The smart technology ensures that the cooling is done only when it is required and hence the wastage of electricity is avoided.

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