Overview Of The Daewoo DGC558SF 4 Burner Gas Cooker

Daewoo DGC558SF 4 Burner Gas Cooker

Daewoo is known to provide a wide range of kitchen and home appliances that are simply remarkable. One such remarkable innovation is the Daewoo Cooker DGC 558SF Cooker. This has been equipped with measures to ensure safety of the users and also provide features of cooking, baking and grilling in one device. It is equipped with hob systems, leading to a good cooking experience and producing tasty dishes.

Product Description:
Daewoo Cooker DGC 558SF Cooker is available with both gas and electricity as fuel options. The product has been equipped with hob burner system having 4 burners to allow the user to use the burners to cook. Also, facilities of baking and grilling are available thereby ensuring the user to produce delicious dishes with a favorable cooking experience. Basically, it offers both top and bottom cooking which results in even cooking of the food. Also, safety of the user is ensured as the Full Safety feature cuts the gas supply as soon as the flame extinguishes to avoid the occurrence of accidents. Interior lighting is provided in the oven for the user to inspect the interiors of the oven. The cleaning of the product is manual though not much effort is needed.

The power source needed for the product to work efficiently is 220-240 V.
It has the hob lid system and allows baking and grilling facilities as well.
The burners can be ignited while using it for cooking, but the system’s Full safety feature cuts down the gas supply as soon as the flame extinguishes; thereby ensuring safety of the users and the other occupants in the house.
It has 4 numbers of gas burners, 1 oven and 1 grilling facility.
The interiors of the oven can be illuminated as a light has been provided for inspecting the interiors.
The cleaning of the product has to be done manually. For ease of cleaning and avoiding accidents, a light for the interior part of the oven is provided.
The oven and the burners can be simultaneously used. Also, the grill and the burner can be used at the same time, thereby rendering the facility of both top and bottom cooking.

The cooker is able to multi task; i.e., cook and bake simultaneously or cook and grill simultaneously; thereby making the process faster. Having facilities such as the Full Safety feature ensures the user’s safety from accidental fires, as the features turn off the gas supply when the flame is extinguished.

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