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Handy Tips to Keep Your Glassware Sparkling and Clear At All Times

Handy Tips to Keep Your Glassware Sparkling and Clear At All Times


A piece of delicate glassware is a work of art be it a decorative showpiece or your fancy drinkware. While it is easy to maintain decorative items, caring for glassware so as to retain its shine and sparkle for a long time is quite difficult. With constant use glassware acquires stains, mineral deposits and scratches all of which turns the item cloudy and diminishes the aesthetic factor of the product. However, there are certain measures you can take to prolong the looks of glassware so that they look as good as new for a longer time.

To wash and care for your glassware you need to know the main varieties of glassware available in the market. Glassware may be made of three types of materials; crystal, borosilicate glass or soda glass. Of these, crystal glassware is a luxury item that is usually hand-blown and therefore expensive to produce. Soda glass and borosilicate glass are machine-made and is more commonly used for daily purposes. Regardless of the material of the drinkware, anybody would want the items to retain their original look for a long time.  Given below is a guide for glassware maintenance so that they last longer.



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