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Tips to Purchase the best drying racks for all your laundry needs

Tips to Purchase the best drying racks for all your laundry needs

Investing in a good cloth drying stand is an efficient way of drying clothes on a balcony or in homes where you do not have access to outdoor space, a roof or a clothes dryer. A laundry drying rack is easy to install and use. If you are using a stand-type clothes rack then even installation is not necessary. A good drying rack lets your clothes air-dry properly and helps to avoid cloth shrinkage keeping your clothes wearable for a long time. While electric dryers toss and turn your clothes and tangle them up, a laundry rack simply lets your clothes hang during the drying process which puts less stress on the fabric resulting in less wear and tear. Using clothes drying rack also generates fewer wrinkles and less static than that from a clothes dryer. And, most of all, drying your clothes in the sunlight kills germs and destroys the reproductive cycle of bacteria.

Laundry drying racks range in sizes and designs from standing models to wall attached compact cloth drying racks. Given below is a list of the most common types of clothes drying racks available in the UAE.


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